Setting a external subtitle for individual videos queued in the playlist.

  • Been using the app for a few hours now since the major update ( and it works great. Video plays smoother and forwarding or rewinding large bits of video doesn't make it go blank like before. Great Work!

    -Feature Request-
    I would like to have the ability to set an external subtitle (srt) by pairing it with a queued video in the playlist. So that once it starts playing, the subs are auto. If possible also to automatically scan the folder which the video is from and play subs with the same name.

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Heya!

    If you select the subtitle file WITH the video file when you're adding to the playlist, we will match them up but we don't auto-select YET! For now it's just going to do the work of selecting the subtitle file for you.

    The auto-select is coming, we promise!

  • @grahamkennery


    I followed your instructions and the subtitle does get paired with the vid, but when it starts playing ive still got to select it manually to get it going. Is this the auto-select you guys are working on adding? Great work so far, looking forward to it.
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  • Yep! We'll be auto selecting the paired subtitles soon! Also, were going to select embedded subtitles automatically as well.

    If you find any problems with the pairing, let us know.

  • Do we have an ETA on this feature?

    Ive bought premium since the beggining and been waiting this feature for soooooo long!

  • We have a date we're shooting for - it's soon, I promise! It's in our next feature release. Sooooooon! That's all I can say. :-P

  • @grahamkennery Hi Graham, the subtitles now select automatically as long as I open the srt and video together, which is great. But mkvs with embedded subtitles don't select automatically. Any idea when this will be up?

  • We have it!

    The newest version has a couple of new settings you can change in the settings dialog.
    Audio -> Preferred Audio Language
    Subtitles -> Preferred Subtitle Language

    Our logic is as follows:

    1. If your default audio language is found, we load that with NO SUBTITLES
    2. If your default audio language is NOT found and your default subtitle language is found, we load that with the FIRST audio track
    3. If your default audio language is NOT found and there is ONE unknown subtitle track, we load the first audio track and the unknown subtitle track.

    Try it out!

  • Worked for me! Tks!

  • @grahamkennery thanks, because I prefer subtitles all the time I just had to set audio language to something foreign, now i always get subs.

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