Can DevOps Be A Good Opportunity For Career?

  • I am willing to take DevOps Training in Hyderabad as I am thinking to become a DevOps engineer. I was reading some facts about DevOps i.e DevOps are on the broader terms is an approach based on lean and agile practices in which development teams, operations and testing teams communicate and collaborate to deliver the product/service in a continuous manner to reach out to the end customer that helps them to seize the market opportunities. This provides a chance to receive timely feedback and incorporate the changes in a quick manner. DevOps as a concept highlight communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations to enable faster and reliable deliverables to the end client in reduced timelines. This way the execution gaps in a project can be controlled and togetherness can be brought in within the groups working on the project. So, kindly enlighten me more on this topic also, provide me some basic DevOps tutorial which could help me to become DevOps engineer.

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