Meet these amazing writers

  • Deborah Bassett

    She is a traveling photojournalist, activist, surfer and yogini, Deborah Bassett is dedicated to raising awareness of critical social, environmental and health-related issues around the world. Through the years she has worked closely with such organizations as The Clinton Global Initiative, Habitat for Humanity, Amnesty International, The Esalen Institute, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. A graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, she currently resides in Santa Monica, where she is the development director for the nonprofit media organization Channel G. Check this interesting, stylish Drop Crotch Sweatpants Womens.

    Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson is a surfing nutritionist for the Kashi Company. He is a nutrition program graduate of Bastyr University and obtained his master’s degree in
    Nutrition Sciences at the University of Hawaii. He enjoys contributing to the world of natural foods and nutrition through research, writing, teaching and recipe development. His work has allowed him to blend his two passions of surfing and nutrition to make foods that help people feel healthier and happier.

    Robert Birnberg

    Robert Birnberg studies in the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, throughout America and at the KYM, an institution regarded globally for yoga education and therapy. Robert trains yoga therapists, conducts seminars and teaches students one on one. He specializes in relationship guidance and addictive/compulsive disorders.

    Lanee Neil

    During Lanee Neil’s seven years as an LA-based personal trainer, she’s witnessed her clients’ struggle with body issues, and even dealt with some of her own. She offers private training, body-confidence consultations, and educates trainers in her body-confidence workshops. When she’s not helping others discover their amazing selves, she travels to exotic places and explores new adventures.

    Nathalie Horter

    After receiving a master’s degree in political science, Nathalie Horter spent several years working in the nonprofit communication sector. Committed to following her heart, the French native didn’t think twice when she felt the urge to travel to India and study yoga. After traveling extensively and completing her Yoga Teacher Training, she moved to Los Angeles where she pursues her love of writing, cooking and being in nature.
    yogi yummies
    butternut squash polpetonne
    joseph bettman, our twelve-year old and talented young chef, reminds us all that seeking balanced health is not just for adults. 14
    yogi fashion
    rustic elegance
    Bring a touch of holiday sparkle and warmth with you on your next trip to the mountains. 24
    kids on the mat
    the best of 2007
    yt book reviewer brigitte benchimol highlights the most exciting and unique titles among children’s books for 2007. 44

    yt home
    mise en place
    from prefab to fabulous--sustainable
    living meets eco-conscious design
    and construction. 46
    special guest interview
    edward espe brown
    zen chef edward espe brown teaches us to nourish our body and mind by promoting conscious eating and mindful cooking. 86

    yogi lifestyle
    the series
    holiday eating:
    deprivation versus divine 20

    asana pages
    bound angle pose
    baddha konasana 52
    newcomer’s corner
    practicing at home 62

    speak your mind 9
    off the mat 10
    yt about town
    downtown LA 12
    the nile institute 18
    organic farms of the
    california coast 36
    teacher profile
    tamal dodge 54
    community feel
    channel g 58
    studio spotlight
    yoga loft, manhattan beach 60
    cultural attractions 64
    news & congratulations 65

    for the mind
    exploring the classics
    the recovery sutras: yoga, habit and
    freedom from addiction, part three 22
    yt recommends
    special cookbook review 42

    the yoga of money
    create your compelling
    vision for the future 50

    for the soul
    finding your center
    Focus the mind, practice new
    habits and self discipline 82
    deepak and david
    awakening the inner pharmacy 84
    chakra astrology 88
    unexpected flowers 90

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