How to properly care for your hamster?

  • How to properly care for your hamster?

  • Before you start talking about grooming, you should decide which breed of hamster to choose. For example, the Dzungarian hamster is the most popular due to its small size and defenseless appearance, as well as its short, smooth coat.

  • I think that this is not difficult. The main thing to remember is that since hamsters are active animals, they can be released to run. This requires a walking ball measuring sixteen to eighteen centimeters, depending on the breed. The walk should be no longer than 25 minutes, because it is quite hot in such a bubble.

  • Hamsters do not require special care, it is easy to keep these animals at home, they do not cause unnecessary trouble for their owners. If your child asks to buy him a pet, a hamster will be the perfect solution. They are obedient, they do not need to be walked, they do not wake you up in the morning, and watching their behavior is a pleasure. You understand, when you buy an animal for a child, you get extra trouble for yourself. But at the same time, hamsters are rather unpretentious rodents and they will not cause much trouble. The main thing here is to choose the right cage for the hamster, here you can view more on this issue. And many more are interested in how to care for hamsters so that there is no unpleasant odor from the cage. To keep your pet healthy and not too «fragrant» it is very important to keep it clean. Every day, they remove the remnants of food that can go bad — rotting fruits or stale meat are dangerous for the hamster.

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