"New 'Software That Thinks' Creates Unique Content With Ready-To-Publish Quality

  • Just another mass article rewriter/spinner? Not at all! Watch this short presentation to see how fast & easy it is to create an unlimited amount of good unique content (that's actually readable)...

    alt text

    Dear Friend,

    Today, if you have a hope in hell of getting a lot of steady free search engine traffic from Google, Yahoo and MSN then you need a lot of magnetic unique content.

    My magnetic unique content brings me free traffic every day, without fail. Whenever I want more traffic, I simply create more 'magnetic' content to attract the search engines and pull in another 50, 70 or 100+ new website visitors everyday just like I did here...
    The problem is, today you need more unique content than ever before.

    Because everyone knows that to haul in a boat load of fish, you need a lot of good quality bait, right?

    This same rule applies to the search engines.

    Lots of good unique content = more backlinks, higher search engine rankings and more traffic for you.

    It's a simple formula. But, it has worked for the past 10+ years online.

    But these days, it's not so easy to produce a lot of good quality, unique content.

    Most article rewriters or spinners on the market have gotten way out of control. They focus on pumping out mass quantities of articles that look and sound like crap. But there are essay writing services and dissertations that write original texts without using spinners. Such texts are much more expensive, but their quality matches the price.

    alt text

    Sure, cranking out 800 articles in 5 minutes sounds great and all BUT...

    Reputable, authorative article directories certainly don't want these articles.

    Website visitors don't want them either.

    People skim the first paragraph of your mangled content and bail out - that means, you don't get the click... you don't get the opt-in... no sale or commission for you.

    So, at the end of the day... you've got hundreds of articles that nobody wants.

    What good is that, right?

    That's why I know you'll be excited to check out a new software product that I just developed.

    Before you roll your eyes and think... "Aw geez! Not another article spinner"... Let me start by saying..

    This is different.

    Because of the freaky-good content it creates, some people are calling this:

    "Software so smart, that it thinks"

    Keep reading to see how you can get this smart software in your corner working for you.

    Introducing Rewrite Rocket...

    Auto-rewrites any article in under 5 seconds! Scary
    Rewritten articles are good quality & 35%-45% unique
    No weird rewriting, bad sentences or awful grammar
    Creates dozens of article spins quickly & easily
    Plagairism checker - ensures content is 100% unique
    ZERO learning curve - you'll be up & running in minutes

    What Is Rewrite Rocket
    And What Will It Do For You?

    Rewrite is all about saving you a lot of time (or money if you are paying for article rewrites).

    If you've got a pile of old stale PLR articles kicking around or articles you wrote that you want to turn into more articles -- wait until you see this...

    To auto-rewrite your article and make it 23%-43% unique (on average) it's a simple 3-step process.
    Here's How Rewrite Rocket Makes
    ANY Article Instantly Unique!
    And as you will see below, the quality of these articles right out of the gate is impressive ...

    As you will see in the examples provided below, most articles produced by Rewrite Rocket are high quality. Some very light editing and these articles are good-to-go -- ready for you to submit to the major article directories (yes, even those that are heavily moderated), post to your blog, Squidoo lens or syndicate to an article network... to get you more backlinks and traffic.

    Take a look at what Rewrite Rocket did with these 3 different articles in just a few seconds...

    As you can see, now you can quickly and easily produce well-read, highly-unique content on demand, any time you need it. Just power up Rewrite Rocket, hit the Auto Rewrite button (or hit it several times) -- just like I did in the above three examples -- and let Rewrite Rocket do all the hard work for you.

    Note: Those examples shown above were using "Standard" rewrite mode. Once you use "Aggressive" mode, you will often get even an even higher percentage of unique content.

    And if you think that's impressive, wait until you see this.

    Do You Want Even MORE Unique Content?
    It's As Easy As 1-2-3 Using The Power-Spinner...

    Rewrite Rocket also includes a powerful article spinning engine. Once again, creating more unique content is as easy and clicking your mouse -- it's a simple 3-step process...

    Step 1: Let Rewrite Rocket scan the words in your article as shown here:

    Step 2: You click each word and select suitable word substitutions (or add your own):

    Rewrite Rocket automatically adds all the word substitutes you chose and creates the spin syntax to make your article in spin ready format. You can even spin sentences and words within sentences -- this is called nested spinning and lets you create dozens of articles from your seed article.

    Step 3: Hit the "Spin It" button to create a new article spin (or press the Batch Spin button to create multiple text files, each file containing one unique article). Also, notice how Rewrite Rocket immediately shows you how unique your newly spun article is compared to your original (seed) article:

    But, even though Rewrite Rocket tells you that your article in 43.54%, how can you be so sure?

    Does Google, Yahoo or MSN view your article as highly unique too? Let's take a look...

    Say Good-Bye To Duplicate Content
    Or Article Plagairism!
    To check the online uniqueness of your article, simply hit the "Plagiarism Checker" inside Rewrite Rocket and watch what happens next...

    alt text

    As you can see in the above report, Yahoo found several websites using the same sentence from the Private Label Rights article that was used in this example. Not good. But... not a problem!

    By now you should know how easy it is to go back and make that sentence unique using Rewrite Rocket.

    Then, run the Plagiarism Checker again to ensure that your content is as unique as you want it to be.
    With Rewrite Rocket... Never Before Has It Been
    This Fast & Easy To Create Highly-Unique
    Traffic-Grabbing Content At Lightening Speed!

    I hope you are starting to realize just how powerful Rewrite Rocket is and how invaluable it is to growing your online business.

    Bottom line. If you are using your content to syndicate to article directories, web 2.0 sites and private article networks in hopes of getting top search engine rankings and lots of traffic and backlinks, you need Rewrite Rocket.

    Ok. Let's stop right here.

    I've already shown you how Rewrite Rocket will save you a lot of time/money and let you produce highly-unique content on-demand. I could go on and tell you even more about Rewrite Rocket and how it will benefit you. But, rather than hear it from me... wouldn't you like to know what other people think about the software?

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