• Why is it profitable to advertise on YouTube?

    1. A huge audience (according to statistics, about 80% of Internet users watch videos on youtube)
    2. High involvement (as practice has shown, people are more likely to perceive information by means of viewing a video than reading a text)
    3. A rapidly growing audience (annually, the number of views on a youtube is growing by about 30% compared to last year)
    4. A large selection of thematic platforms (I think everything is clear here - fitness products are better bought by those who are engaged in it)
    5. Active audience (users willingly click on the links in the description of the videos)

  • Some aspiring Internet entrepreneurs choose a blogger based on the number of subscribers and views. This approach is wrong for two reasons:
    Firstly, if the audience is not chosen correctly, the ad will not give the expected response.
    Secondly, if a travel blogger calls to buy hand-made jewelry from your store, both his and your reputation will suffer.

  • Subscribers listen to the recommendations of bloggers more willingly because they perceive them more as personal acquaintances. Video indexing in search is a nice bonus. Along with the site's indicators, the budgets that companies allocate for influence-marketing are actively growing.

  • In general, collaboration with bloggers about advertising will be successful if the process is approached correctly. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, you must answer the following questions for yourself:
    1.Does the blogger have sufficient authority with the target audience?
    2. Does his ad appear to be fair?
    3. Is there an element of setting a blogger against target audience
    4. Do his videos resemble explicit product placement?

    The decision on cooperation always remains with the advertiser, therefore, before deciding on cooperation, it is better to watch several already published videos of the blogger.
    The choice is yours top-100.

  • Doesn't it work so that YouTube advertises on videos with a certain content and number of views? Does YouTube pay money to the page owner or how does it work? Of course, everyone who has a gadget and Internet access is watching YouTube, and commercials are placed on the videos of the channel owner, then this is a holiday for any blogger, because for this, the video is laid out on YouTube to make money on it.

  • Of course, it's easier to give money to a popular blogger and expect a miracle from him than to conduct competent monitoring. Partially, reliable services can help with this, however, the wrong choice of the author may lead to criticism in him and your address. Advertising through bloggers, although it brings results, is not always appropriate. I do not recommend using this method for startups early on.

  • YouTube has gained popularity for its videos. But over the years, users have increased the demand for video quality. Also, your video should have interesting information for users, be relevant and creative.
    so if you plan to post videos on YouTube you need to think about how to be more visible among others.
    For your video, for example, you can use background music. On taketones - you will find a large database of background music of different styles and genres in excellent quality. and you will be able to use such music for commercial purposes.

  • Use different online platforms to promote your business. Don't limit yourself to YouTube

  • Social networks are very interesting for business development. Among the number of users there are those who can become a customer of the company. Or it will be the one who will advise your company. YouTube is good at posting videos about the company's products. But if the search for customers then to promote the services of the company I use odnoklassniki . I use smoservice
    This has already given us new customers and profits

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