What should be considered in Path of Exile?

  • What secrets of the game do you know?

  • With the basic characteristics in the Path of Exile’s simple. It is the strength, agility and intelligence, and they go up automatically to give a level. But the skills are divided into passive and active. Passive – the same talent tree, and here, too, everything is familiar, the character gets one skill point per level. But the situation is more complex with active because they contain precious stones to be forged into gear and that, among other things, have their own levels and pumped with use. Moreover, the slots in the objects are often associated with each other that allows you to combine skill. So, in a few clicks, the usual blow to the area begins, for example, beat opponents with lightning, and at the same time restore the character’s life.

  • On the gameplay is all right if you’re a fan dungeon crawl. The scheme was simple - get a job, exit out of the city, kill monsters, get loot and periodically return to the seller to shake off the collected good. Upon meeting one-on-one with the player monsters completely exposed, so they prefer to go huddling in the pack, which is usually at the center of a particularly strong representative of the local fauna, granting wards some nasty freezing property like bumps, Magic Resistance, and so on. Bosses are rare, but memorable part runs from the town to the place of the untimely death of your character.
    But for me here it turned out to be difficult, this is what was needed with each new League, you need to create a new character and go through the lvling process over and over again. Going over the same 10 acts is a huge waste of time. So I turned to the lfcarry pro for help and took the Path of Exile boost to get it through. These guys know what they are doing

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