• Hello, I would like to know what you think of smart logistic registrars in the united states. And for the conduct of activities and accounting in the field of cargo transportation and logistics. The software systems are specially designed for freight forwarders, carriers, dispatchers and allow you to maintain document flow and accounting in transport companies. It will also be useful for you to know what documents and forms are used in cargo transportation and logistics at trucking companies.
    Choose a software package based on your tasks and goals that you set in the field of logistics. Each program has a trial period or demo version, so test it, see which software is right for you and then buy it.
    In fact, you can do without expensive programs, the base of customers, carriers, cargo owners, routes, prices can be kept, for example, in excel. To get started, this arsenal will be enough for you.

  • Imperfect algorithms contributed to the fact that the guards had to come several times to the objects where false alarms were found. A car DVR is the most reliable witness to all the nuances of a trip, therefore, it is an extremely useful gadget for a car.

  • Despite the fact that DVRs have gained the greatest popularity among drivers because of the funny videos on Youtube, they were originally designed to solve conflict situations on the road. Their main application
    documentation of a traffic accident for use as evidence in court.

  • Video recorder ezlogz was highly appreciated by car owners because of the camera's performance, which allows shooting even at night during a rainstorm or hurricane. Another undoubted advantage was its ability to activate shooting in a parked car even with the engine turned off in the event of an impact or obvious mechanical impact on the body. For this, the DVR is equipped with a special sensor.
    Maximum visibility of the camera allows you to register the situation in a wide-area sector. This ability gives a full assessment of the traffic situation, including what is happening in the oncoming lane. Viewing the video file of interest is available on the display of the DVR.

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