What is a Panda VPN?

  • The new home antivirus Panda Dome contains the Panda VPN module, which allows you to quickly connect a VPN and use any websites, various messengers, social networks and various forums to explore music, movies and software. Let's see what a Panda VPN is and how it works.

    What is a Panda VPN?

    Panda VPN is one of the modules of the Panda Dome home antivirus. Moreover, Panda VPN is present in all tariff plans of Panda Dome, starting from the free version of the Panda Dome free antivirus to the premium paid version of Panda Dome Premium.

    Panda VPN is one of the easiest-to-use home VPNs that securely "tunnels" your Internet connection through one of the thousands of available VPN servers located in 23 countries around the world (at the time of writing): USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, Norway, France, Hong Kong, India, Russia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Ukraine, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic, Turkey.

    System requirements

    Minimum system requirements:

    • Windows 7 SP1 and higher
    • Android 4.0.3 and higher

    • iOS 8.x and higher (iOS support is expected soon)
      • Mac OS 10.9.5 and higher (Mac support is expected soon)

    Full confidentiality

    Panda VPN does not collect any information that can personally identify you. This module does not collect, store, or provide any user IDs, including IP addresses, to third parties. The solution also does not store any logs of its users ' activity.

    All incoming and outgoing traffic that flows between your device and the Internet is encrypted and decrypted by your device or VPN servers. AES 256-bit encryption is used to ensure the security of your data. If you have an old device or a very weak processor, the encryption/decryption process may take a little longer and slow down the speed.

    Although, to be honest, even on a virtual machine with Windows 7 Professional and 1 GHz RAM, the decrease in Internet speed through Panda VPN is almost not visually felt.

  • @kika said in What is a Panda VPN?:

    домашний антивирус Panda Dome

    The manufacturer of antivirus software Panda Security has announced the sale of new software for home users. The Panda Dome solution is based on a single and personalized platform that adapts to the needs of users.

  • Antivirus software manufacturer Panda Security offers a free and four paid tariff plans, as well as several independent modules. This approach allows users to choose or customize the functionality of the product in accordance with their needs and capabilities, the developer said, the press release said.

  • Comprehensive security solutions differ from the free and paid basic solutions in that they have a number of additional functionalities and services. Panda Dome is no exception:

    • USB protection
    • Recovery kit
    • WiFi protection

  • And also I want to add also to the functions of Panda VPN - • Anti-theft
    • Online backup
    • Virtual keyboard
    • file shredder
    • File Encryptor
    • Password Manager
    • My devices
    • My products
    Let's try to briefly consider these functions.

  • Panda VPN comes as part of the free Panda antivirus, which makes the interface a bit cumbersome than usual. For example, there are buttons to start on-demand scanning or scan schedules when convenient.
    The USB protector vaccinates USB keys to try to prevent them from becoming infected with autorun malware. A great tool acts like an overloaded task manager, allowing experienced users to check running processes and try to understand what they are doing. Despite the additional complexity on the main screen, VPN Panda is just one click away and it provides you with a much more familiar and simple interface. The Panda VPN app works just like any other VPN you have ever used, although maybe a little easier.
    There is a list of places with the option Automatically allowing the application to automatically select the fastest server for you Panda VPN https://bestvpnforchina.co/reviews/pandavpn/ is usually the closest. There is a button for connecting that connects you and disconnects when you are done.

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