Free overlay textures for rain and fog effects in Photoshop

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    Often times, you want to create the right mood in your architectural visualization to convey not only technical concepts, but rather clipping path service emotions and feelings! Therefore, post-processing in Photoshop of your architectural illustrations plays a big role in adding effects. For this task, texture mapping with raindrops, snowflakes or fog is really useful for quickly adding these effects.

    For a tutorial showing how to turn an architectural rendering from a daytime to a rainy mood, I need a "rain texture". Which I can use to add raindrops to the image. Obviously, I want to share with you the texture of the rain effect, as well as some others! But before you grab all the textures, tell me how to use them:

    It's pretty simple and straightforward:

    Add the overlay texture as a new layer above the render.
    Scale or transform it to fit your image size.
    Change the layer's blend mode. Screen or Dodge works fine, but test
    Reduce the opacity of the layer to control the strength of the effect.
    Optional: add a layer mask for better control of the look by painting the details with black
    It is often also better to not just use one texture, but combine several textures - just test and play!

    Ok, here are some image overlays, respectively. overlay textures you can download for free. Feel free to use them for your commercial architectural visualization projects as well. Just add them to your library so you have them at your fingertips when you need them.

    All images have a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, which is fine for almost all situations. Moreover, it won't hurt if you increase them if necessary.

    Please note, you can download free Photoshop overlay textures here by simply right-clicking the images and saving them to your hard drive. drive - enjoy!

    Let's start with a set of free Photoshop overlays for a rain effect:

    Then we have the texture overlays for the fog effect in Photoshop ... Obviously, you can also use this as a smoke overlay texture:

    I really hope you enjoy these free oshop photo overlays - please write me a review!

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    They are gorgeous! However, the fog overlay images are not full size ...

    Hi Mark! Thanks for your comment - yes, the fog images are made to cover the ground of one image from one side to the other - hopefully you can still create some great effects with it. Maybe the latter is better for your goals ...?

    I think Mark literally means they are not full size - when you click on these images, they are definitely smaller than a rain overlay of pictures

    Hi Marcus, yes you are right - now I get it! Sorry, the images are associated with the wrong file, but I changed it. Full size images should now be available. Enjoy and thank you for the warning!

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