Subtitle Settings More Options / Sizes / Positions / Colors

  • Hi guys!

    I started using videostream a few days ago. I liked it so much that I paid for the one year premium!

    I've only missed a few little details that to me makes all the difference. I would love to be able to set the subtitles with a different color and be able to have more options for size and positions.

    Also, and i'm pretty sure someone else already mentioned that, is regarding the auto-loading subtitles... using that old-fashioned same name of the file kind of thing.


  • @Harder good point. I never really paid attention to the subtitle options until I decided to have a marathon watching of some of my Anime series. I am endorsing your request. Particularly size please :)

  • I too would like to see more subtitle options; particularly colour. I've just paid for a lifetime licence, primarily for the extra subtitle options; disappointed that solid yellow was not an option.

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