The Rise and Fall of Android Tablets

  • One of the most exciting stories in the modern tech industry is that of tablets. Back in 2010, when the touchscreen smartphone revolution was in full swing, the introduction of iPad by Apple sparked immense interest in tablets. After all, we were getting accustomed to touch devices fully, and a large touchscreen not only seemed futuristic but also promised a lot of real-world uses. There is a huge difference in the smartphones used during the early days and the ones being used now. These screens posed a challenge for many real-world scenarios. Actions, such as typing and media consumption weren’t exactly pleasing. But tablets, with its giant screens, seemed like the answer to those woes. With their large screens, watching movies, typing on virtual keyboards and playing mobile games would become so much more appealing. Even web browsing would be a breeze on a large screen. Students looking for a best dissertation writing service-online dissertation would not need to power up a PC to search for the service.

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