How should one book the cheapest flights?

  • How should one book the cheapest flights?

  • I am interested in the same question. I'm going on vacation with my wife and want to save money on the flight.

  • I'm just going to go on vacation to a friend of mine. He promised to give me a tour of his hometown. I can already imagine how many souvenirs I will bring with me, because I saved on money and bought cheap flights from philadelphia to orlando. Where are you going to fly to rest? Where haven't you been yet? I am very glad that countries are already letting in tourists and this is cool.

  • Difficult to say. I often use opodo or checkfelix. There are so many "Cheap flights" sites out there and they all tend to give the same result.

  • Hi, I fully understand you concern because this is the story with me. If I am searching for cheap flights then I would definitely look everywhere. There are many aggregators and airline websites that share the cheap fare. You need to compare the fares and the facilities they are providing in that minimum fare. I have done a lot of research as I do fly a lot. So, I can recommend to give a try to this amazing resource full of cool proposals.

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