DMT Flash Carbon Soled Cycling Shoes

  • First the most important thing; the carbon sole, if you want a top pair of cycling shoes these days they have to have a carbon sole, “Supra Light Hardened Carbon” they call it, the sole is made of carbon composite fibers with fixed thickness from the heel to the toe, this helps with strength and aerodynamics.

    The uppers have been designed to be a seamless, sock fit, so no uncomfortable stitching or overlaps and pressure points on critical areas of the foot. That’s what DMT says about the intense research and years of studies they have carried out to come up with the state-of-the-art materials used in the manufacture of these shoes and all there other shoes too.

  • When you work at a construction site, there are many risks that your shoes may not be able to protect against. Whether it’s falling debris, sharp objects on the ground or just plain old concrete, shoes for walking and standing don’t always offer enough protection. The best steel toe shoes for walking on concrete are often made of durable materials with steel soles that can withstand all sorts of hazards. If you have long working hours in need of shoes for walking and standing, this blog post will help you find the right shoe!

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