Punch Needle Embroidery NZ

  • Sweaters are everywhere. Men, women, children and teenagers wear these popular garments all year round. While a sweater is fashionable in and of itself, adding a classy-looking embroidery design increases the attractiveness of the garment and increases its value. in a sweater can sometimes be a bit tricky. Knitwear often gives embroiderers a headache due to their nature. The threads are "eaten". Entire designs disappear, the fabric creases and curls. Sometimes the design is even cut directly from the garment using needle pricks. Fortunately, you can avoid these potential problems and get high quality results. These adjustments must be made from the beginning of every work. Good design is essential when punch needle embroidery nz is used for sweaters. You need to let your digitizer know in advance that the design will be used on a sweater.Better yet, give the digitizer an actual swatch of fabric for testing and use punch needle embroidery nz.

    Taking the time and effort preparing a punch needle embroidery nz can mean the difference between a great-looking design and plain, inferior work. At this stage, your main goal is to stabilize the fabric. This can be achieved through the combination of the carrier, heat sink spray adhesive and cover.When working with fabric, always use a trimmed backing rather than ripped open. It's a good idea to spray the back with some glue before attaching it to your garment. Gently press the back against the garment. Make sure you don't push too hard. as this could deform the ribs. If your design is missing a significant amount of basecoat, make up for it with some sort of plastic or water-soluble cover.

    For best results, lightly coat the coat with spray glue, then press it against the garment. with the palm of your hand. By inserting the fabric between the carrier and the top layer, you have increased its stability. Adhesive spray prevents the garment from slipping while the machine is running. Because knitted fabrics are so stretchy, special care should be taken with the embroidery frame. Fabrics stretch in all directions. To avoid warping the fabric, gently pull the fabric only in the vertical direction using punch needle embroidery Australia. Make sure that the rib of the fabric is straight.If you put it on the frame at an angle, it will distort and warp your design. Place the garment on your embroidery hoop and carefully smooth out any creases. Then gently push the top frame down. The ribs are parallel to each other. The fabric should be tight, but not so tight that the fabric stretches and loses its shape.

    In addition to stretching and deforming the garment, putting the hanger too tightly can lead to other problems, especially with finer fabrics. An embroiderer tells a horror story about tires. A customer had given her an expensive cashmere sweater to punch needle embroidery Australia on your machine and sewn a nice design. However, when the tire was removed, the entire framed area fell off the sweater. He definitely learned a lesson about the tire that day!While this is an extreme example, too narrow a frame can cut the fibers of the fabric and leave unsightly rings around the design that won't go away. Another factor to consider is the size of the tire.

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