what to do if become a victim of a sexual assault?

  • what to do if become a victim of a sexual assault?

  • Violence is the most acute problem at the present time, since it has not only psychological, but also social, medical and legal aspects. In addition, it can lead to the most severe psychological trauma (for example, persistent personality changes) and entail certain disorders affecting both the cognitive sphere and appetite and sleep.

  • In this situation, it is first important to understand that you cannot fight violence alone. The victim needs the help of specialists. For example, a psychologist will be able to cope with your psychological problems. A sexual assault lawyer https://ernstashurovlaw.com/sexual-assault-lawyer-toronto/ in preparing a defense against a sexual assault charge

  • We urgently need to contact insurance lawyers and the police

  • How I do not like to make out these insurance cases. I am a lawyer and sometimes replace my colleague in this work. It's just hard labor. You can find out more information, but I will tell you that such a long and non-automated process is just terrible. Someday everything will be much easier and through computers, but not today, apparently.

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