Portable Spa NZ

  • Have a pool or spa already? We also stock all of the chemicals you need to keep your pool or spa safe for your family to swim and if cleaning your pool is too much, we also run a valet pool cleaning service. If you are shopping for a new above ground pool, or replacing an existing pool liner Poolpac recommends ABGAL liners. ABGAL pool liners are made in Australia, using specially formulated .50mm virgin PVC, and contain special UV inhibitors to resist our harsh weather conditions. ABGAL use unique welding technique on liners – flatter and stronger than a traditional weld, it minimises the appearance of joins, giving a neater and cleaner finish with no loose flaps for algae and dirt to hide in.

    The portable spa is particularly easy to clean due to their sunken shape. Traditional tubs have to be scrubbed every now and then. However, with these types of tubs, you can see the entire surface and all you need is to give it a wipe and an occasional scrubbing. Another advantage is that the tub is not exposed to dirt since it is sunken and hidden. You need not worry about dust particles and dirt getting trapped in the tub and cleaning takes a short while. Every individual has their own preferences when it comes to bathtubs installation. The good thing is that portable spa NZ does not limit you in terms of choice. They are made using a wide range of materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain and pewter. All these materials have decorative features to give your bathroom an improved look. You can have your bathroom custom made to suit your unique tastes and preferences.

    The resulting combination of relaxed muscles and improved blood circulation serves to reduce pain and inflammation. The buoyancy of the hot water also works to reduce stress and pressure on joints, facilitating exercise and flexibility. Weight loss can also be achieved with Swimming Pools Bay Of Plenty because the improved vascular circulation can pass toxins and waste more efficiently through the body. This also helps reduce the unnecessary retention of fluids and prevents cellulite from accumulating. The flexibility and ease of stress-free exercise in a hot tub also contributes to successful weight loss.

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