What goes well with plaid pants?

  • What goes well with plaid pants?

  • Well, first of all let me underline that this eye-catching piece has become pretty diverse in terms of colors and patterns, so now you are free to wear them to work, as well as to show off your unique self through casual wear. Today, girls pull off plaid pants with anything from sneakers to heels, and here you’re going to find your best look with the plaid cuties. Check out this cool article about plaid pants https://glaminati.com/plaid-pants/ for some more cool ideas

  • @cristofer said in What goes well with plaid pants?:

    What goes well with plaid pants?

    Plaid is a big pattern. It's loud, noisy and draws attention to itself. That doesn't mean it can't look great but it has to be won strategically. Plaid pants especially, are something not seen every day so they will immediately be noticed.

    So the key to wearing them is to make sure that you don't have other things that are also loud. With patterns or with colors, too much makes you look like a clown, and too little you look drab and boring.

    Plaid pants are a fantastic item to have in your wardrobe as they can look absolutely stunning; but they must be matched with something low-key, something calming and understated. Otherwise, you'll look like a clown.

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