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  • There are a number of different Types of Attractions that occur in different ways, in different relationships, and for different reasons, it may be social, psychological, and biological. But what is the difference between all of them is the biggest question. Each of them is important and it is equally important to know the meaning of each attraction as each type of attraction leads us to different people and helps us to enhance our personality.

  • Hi. Thanks for the information. You are right, there are several types of belongings between a man and a woman such as love and passion. And at beginning of relationships, we experience strong feelings for each other. But it can not always be. We marry and strong feelings disappear in a few years. and problems appear in relationships. Such situation was with me and my wife. We moved away from each other and began to quarrel more often. Fortunately, we found the strength to admit that we have problems and in time turned for help to a professional psychotherapist on https://calmerry.com/. At first, it was uncomfortable to discuss our problems, but in the end, after several sessions, we began to feel more relaxed and understood what our problem was.

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