Invitation to the wedding

  • Where did you order your wedding invitations? I'm looking for a proven store.

  • For my part, I strongly recommend you to check out wedding invitation and any other products and offers as they have very good prices. During the preparations for my wedding, I took advantage of their offer and ordered beautiful, handmade wedding invitations from them.

  • For me, the most important advice was from my parents. There is no need to immediately plan the final list, at this stage it is enough to write out all relatives, friends and colleagues in the general list in order to represent the maximum possible number of guests.

  • Did you know that because of the experiences associated with the preparation, brides often lose weight on the eve of the wedding? For this reason, you need to stick to wedding tips and know that you should not buy too early. My husband and I immediately agreed that we would have a minimum of pathos. We moved away from many wedding stereotypes and arranged a modest wedding.

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