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  • The process of developing a software product using principles and methods of software development is called software evolution. This includes initial software development, maintenance and upgrades until the desired software product is developed that meets the expected requirements. Evolution begins with the process of collecting requirements. The developers then create a prototype of the alleged software and show it to users to get their feedback at an early stage in the development of the software product.

  • The software development team is working on the continuation of the project. The team conducts discussions with various stakeholders from the problem area and tries to provide as much information as possible about their requirements. Requirements are reviewed and categorized into user requirements, system requirements and functional requirements.

  • Implementing software development begins with writing software code in a suitable programming language and effectively developing error-free executable programs. Errors can spoil software from a critical level prior to uninstalling it.

  • Operation and maintenance validates the performance of the software in terms of greater efficiency and fewer errors. When needed, users receive training or documentation assistance on how to operate the software and how to maintain it. The software is maintained in a timely manner by updating the code in accordance with changes in the user environment or technology. This phase can run into problems due to hidden bugs and real unrecognized problems.

  • The process of building software is hotly debated among practitioners. Software development tools a methodology for assessing the complexity of a system, the choice of development tools and application of a software system. Software quality: a methodology for evaluating software product quality criteria and reliability requirements.

  • At any given time, it is difficult to say in what state the project is and what percentage of its completion. This problem arises when there is insufficient planning of the structure or architecture of the future software product, which is most often a consequence of the lack of sufficient funding for the project: the program needs how long it will take to develop what stages can some stages be eliminated or saved.

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