How can I speak to someone at hotmail customer service?

  • Hotmail is one of the most widely used mailing services around the world. It has helped people to send and receive emails within a fraction of seconds. But if you are confused and stuck with something related to Hotmail, then you need not worry; here are the ways by which you can conveniently how can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account without any hassle.

    Via Phone

    The first step is to open your web browser and go to the official website of Hotmail

    Then locate the contact section where you find a list of Toll-free numbers.

    Dial the number which corresponds to the services which you need

    Before you dial the Hotmail customer service, make sure to keep a pen and paper so that you can jot down the points mentioned by the customer representative of Hotmail.

    Mention all the necessary points which are bothering you

    Then wait for some time so that the customer service associate can provide you with on-the-spot resolution.

    If you think that your query has not been solved, then feel free to contact them again or you can get your matter escalated to a senior executive

    Via Live Chat

    If you are wondering how can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account, then Hotmail has introduced another way of letting its subscribers get in touch with them. This process is known as Live Chat.

    Go to the homepage of Hotmail

    Locate the contact us option at the bottom left of your screen

    You find the Live Chat option there, then you click on it.

    A chat window pops up at the top right of the screen, then you need to enter the details of your query.

    A live chat agent then provides you with a resolution.

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