Structure of IELTS Essay or how to learn to write essays

  • In this post, I will tell you a little about Essay Topics, which I use, according to the advice, which gives Ryan Higgins in his blog. All examples of proposals from the essay, which I cite in my article, I took exactly from his video.

    Writing a good essay becomes a stumbling block for candidates from all post-Soviet space, because neither at school, nor at the university we have learned to write this type of essay.

    alt text

    We wrote essays on free topics, but never had such a clear structure, which is required according to IELTS rules.

    In the picture, I discharged the main equal parameters for which the score for writing part of the IELTS exam is formed. All these parameters affect the estimate equally. The essay structure mainly affects the evaluation of "Coherence and Cohesion", which evaluates how clearly you formulate ideas and develop them, argued which conclusions do.

    In contrast to my usual essays, where I wrote that I wanted, an essay in the UK, the IELTS exam, and accordingly, his rules are written according to a number of strict rules, it has a clear structure. Of course, variations are always possible, even the teachers themselves are taught to write their essays.

    I had the most understandable and intimate explanation for Ryan Higgins, an English teacher from Canada, which he gives in his IELTS blog. I immediately want to warn that my target driver on Writing was 7, I heard that there is an opinion that on 8 and 9 you need to write essays not as 7.

    But since I did not need such a score, I did not deepen a lot in it, but I believe that an essay on such a structure may well get 9 points.

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