Ceramic Coating

  • Body tuning is one of the most popular and frequently used car improvements; not so long ago it was prestigious and fashionable to cover body elements with vinyl film or wax. But fashion in the world of cars does not stand still; lately, the ceramic coating of the body is increasingly used.
    Like all other types of body surface treatments, ceramics not only decorate the car, make it more beautiful and attractive, but also protect the paint (varnish) from chips and scratches. And also a new type of tuning has advantages and disadvantages, therefore, before agreeing to it, you need to consider all the nuances of this innovation.

  • It is best to apply ceramics to cars with factory paintwork, processing is quite difficult (you have to wash the body for a long time) if the surface has already been covered with hard wax. In this case, stains and paint transitions are noticeable on the varnish, even after a sufficiently thorough washing.

  • The only reason ceramic stays in place is the mechanical bond between two different structures. Nanoceramics have particles of a minimum size, which easily penetrate into all irregularities and even pores of the paint, and after complete drying they literally adhere to the main coating of the car body. We can say that ceramics becomes part of the paintwork of the machine, its top layer. But no chemical reaction occurs with such a compound.

  • Ceramic Coating Richmond BC is not only a way to improve the car's appearance, but also the ability to protect the body from scratches, corrosion and chemicals.
    This multifunctional product is only gaining popularity, but now we can conclude about its great future. https://www.rdidetailing.ca/post/ceramic-coating-richmond
    After all, every car enthusiast dreams that his car is always clean and looks five points. But the roads and time leave almost no chance - the top coating is still scratched, various roughness, dots and abrasions appear.

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  • Tuning can also imply a significant expansion of the capabilities of factory car models, associated not with a sharp increase in engine power and acceleration dynamics, but with improved cross-country ability, duplication of vital systems, and increased survivability in hard-to-reach and sparsely populated areas.

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