Boat Repairs In Tauranga

  • We’re confident we can repair most inflatable boat issues, so give us a call before thinking you need a new inflatable! As well as repairs, valets and retrofitting accessories, we have teamed up with the team at Evalift Davits for davit installs. Evalift have been in the business of davit making for a long time, are a fellow local company with a top-class product we love and recommend. Properly looking after your boat is essential. In fact, boat maintenance is not something you should cut corners on. Instead, all maintenance and repair work should be done right to ensure your boat performs as you expect it to when out on the water. At Marra Marine, we offer expert boat maintenance services from our base here boat repairs Tauranga. We’ll make sure your boat is properly cared for while also completing a thorough inspection to identify potential problems before they can impact you out on the water.

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