Vineyard Tours in Waiheke

  • Are you searching for Vineyard Tours in Waiheke, then you should contact with Enjoi NZ. If you want to extend your Waiheke Island winery experience, you can either stay on at the vineyards or we can drop you Oneora village, which is only 1km from the ferry terminal and offers some of the best bars on Waiheke Island including the Aperitivo Wine Bar. The tour will include four or more vineyards. A 1.5hr - 2hr lunch break at an award winning vineyard (lunch additional). Our experienced guide will be waiting to greet you with an Enjoi sign as soon as you get off the ferry on Waiheke. Therefore, you can get married in an area of your choice that's included in the tour schedule. The club's details may likewise be found online. Wine tasting tours prove to be one of the best and memorable leisure pursuits for those who have a passion for versatile wine varieties of different vintages and taste. Wine tasting tours can prove to be remarkable only when proper planning is made in advance. Wine tasting aims at understanding the physical appearance, aroma, savor and taste of wines of different vintages and from different wineries at one go. If you really want to understand the differences in taste between the multiple wines made available to you during wine tasting tours, it is better that you opt for blind tasting where the wine is served from black wine bottles.

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