How Kundali Chart Suggests If the Person is Very Interested in Spirituality and Will Also be Involved in the Field of Spirituality?

  • We often come across people who say that they are very spiritual. But what do they mean by it? The Vedas say that spirituality is a way of life. One cannot become spiritual merely by wearing the robes of a sadhu. According to Hindu religion, a human being is a part of the ‘Paramatma’ or the ‘Divine’. Each soul forms part of the Paramatma, which is called ‘Jeevatma’.

    The Jeevatma refers to the physical body of a person. Some people are more keen to realize the supreme soul or ‘Paramatma’. It is such people who become interested in spirituality.

    Can astrology help us find out if a person has spiritual leanings? Yes, it is possible to find out if a person has a tendency to become a spiritual seeker with the help of astrology. Using the person’s birth chart, the astrologer will study the planetary positions in their chart to determine this.

    The astrological Houses that will be analyzed in the Kundali chart for this purpose are the following:

    5th House — This House represents the Jeevatma, which is the mind and the mantra power. It also indicates the higher state of knowledge and is associated with the good deeds (purvapunya) of the person’s previous life. This House is also indicative of Universal Love. The person with spiritual leanings will control their mind with the help of yoga and meditation. Chanting of mantras will help to clear their past karmas. This will enable them to make their mind stable and realize that heshe is not the physical body but actually the Jeevatma.

    9th House — This House is in 5th place from the 5th House, so it has to be studied. This House is associated with one’s ancestors or Guru. This House tells us about higher spiritual knowledge, philosophy, and soul. Practices like yoga, dhyana, and mantra recitation, which the 5th House represents, would lead to the spiritual treasures obtained from the 9th House.

    12th House — This House represents Moksha or salvation, the soul’s journey after death, the karmas (past life actions), and the number of births the person still has to take. This House bestows spiritual awakening.

    The Planets that will be studied to ascertain a person’s spiritual leanings are the following:

    Jupiter — jupiter is the most beneficial planet as it has the power to give both material and spiritual wealth. Jupiter is associated with the ‘Guru’ (spiritual guide), philosophy, and religion. It also indicates the rewards that a person gains due to their karma or good deeds in their past birth. Jupiter needs to have a good aspect with the Sun or Moon. It should also have a connection with the 5th or 9th House for one to get a spiritual Guru. Jupiter must be strong, too.

    Moon — This planet reveals the psychology and emotions of a person. If the Moon has good aspects in the person’s Kundali, they will have a stable mind and good control over their mind, which is very important to lead a spiritual life. The Moon is the karaka for the mind, and only if the Moon is strong can one understand the real meaning of life.

    Sun — This reveals the strength and interest of the soul. It also tells us about the different kinds of experiences that the soul underwent before its current birth.

    Uranus– This planet can give an interest in mysticism, clairvoyance, telepathy, and freedom of the soul. It is associated with the intuitive link between the Jeevatma and the Paramatma. The planet also tells us about the soul’s purpose and its unique work in this birth. Uranus needs to have a good aspect with Sun, Moon, or Jupiter.

    Neptune–This planet reveals an interest in clairvoyance, life after death, spiritual healing, and strong spiritual practices. It also indicates the spiritual wisdom acquired by the individual during their past birth. Neptune must have a good aspect with Sun, Moon, or Jupiter.

    It is also necessary to examine if the individual has Sanyasa Yoga in their Kundali chart. Sanyasa yoga is present when four or more planets combine, and one of the planets has a connection with the 10th House or the Karma Sthana. Karma means work or duty. Usually, this combination is found in the 1st, 4th, 8th, 11th, and 12th Houses.

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