• QuickBooks is an acclaimed bookkeeping programming that is utilized by pretty much every entrepreneur. Be that as it may, this bookkeeping application is frequently tormented by some startling specialized issues or bugs. One such blunder is QuickBooks Error 136. This mistake can upset the ordinary working of your product. In this blog, we will examine different answers for investigate the mistake.
    How to fix QuickBooks Error 136?
    Arrangement 1:
    Double tap on the QuickBooks symbol and afterward press and hold the ALT key
    Presently enter your secret word and delivery the ALT key
    Snap on OK
    At the point when the application dispatches, press and hold the ALT key once more
    In conclusion, discharge the ALT key
    Arrangement 2:
    Go to the QuickBooks application symbol and double tap on it
    Presently press and hold the ALT key until the application shows No organization open choice
    From that point forward, open an example document
    Select any of the example records and open a similar document
    Arrangement 3:
    Go to the organizer that contains your organization record
    Presently search for the record with an expansion .QBW
    Right-click on a similar record and duplicate the document
    Presently move to the work area and glue the document on the work area
    Open the No organization document and quest for the record which you have replicated on the work area .
    This load of arrangements will assist you with settling your QuickBooks issues at all conceivable time. On the off chance that you are battling with a similar blunder, dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number and get viable specialized answers for QuickBooks issues. Our group is accessible all day, every day nonstop for you.

  • QuickBooks Desktop offers the best accounting and financial services. It is used by almost all small and medium-sized companies. Sometimes QuickBooks Desktop users face some errors. One of the common errors faced by QuickBooks users is QuickBooks Error 136.

    Solution 1:

    1. Give a double-clicking QuickBooks application icon on your desktop, Firstly press or hold the Alt key on your keyboard.
    2. At last, enter a strong password into the blank password field. After that, when the system appears, it asks promptly the default user’s password & then releases the Alt key after entering all credential details.
    3. Then click on the Ok key button, & when the application launch, again a user needs to hold or press the Alt key again.
    4. In the end, you can now release the Alt key button.

    Solution 2:

    1. On the Option of QuickBooks application icon as labeled, Press the Ctrl key when you give a double-click.
    2. Until the application displays the ‘No Company Open’ heading, Now persisting the Ctrl key as pressing.
    3. Then click on a heading that is labeled as to open a sample file that is indicating as follows.
    4. You have to Select one of the given sample files options & then opened it.

    Solution 3:

    1. Get to open the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise folder in which your company file is located or all valuable data is stored. Use that location just to search the .qbw file.
    2. You have to Then Ctrl +C as Copy and do Ctrl + V as Paste the file on your desktop screen.
    3. until the application displays on your desktop screen that indicated the ‘No Company Open Error’, Launch QuickBooks software program and then press the Ctrl key button.
    4. Now click on the open, then browse the file which a user has copied on their screen and then click it as to open it.

    Solution 4:

    1. Press or hold the Ctrl key while opening QuickBooks.
    2. Click Help key & make an Updation of a QB’s.
    3. On the ‘Update QuickBooks’ screen, click on to an Update Option.
    4. Now you have to select the new latest features
    5. Click on the Update option
    6. After the update is complete, you have to exit the application.

    This should help you evaluate the Error 136 being faced by the users.

    Jake Paul.

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