Altering audio timing

  • Re: manual audio sync

    So, I was going to post in that message, but the forum automatically suggested I do a new thread given how old it was and ref it. Hope that's ok and not going to annoy anyone.

    Anyway, as per the linked topic, I'm wondering it the team have considered this/looked into it at all (altering the audio timing of a viedo)? Sometimes videos you get online are badly encoded. Lips out of sync makes me want to throw things at my nice huge expensive tv... The VLC feature is to adjust is a brilliant one. I'd really love to see Videostream add something similar.

    Also it might be worth me clarifying I'm talking specifically about video encoding issues, not sync issues on Chromecast etc. I'm talking about the when the same lip synch issue occurs regardless of if you are streaming to Chromecast or loading up directly on a PC.

    By the way - I'm a premium user who absolutely LOVES VS. Very few days go by when I'm not using it. Thank you. It's so easy to use and it just works. Love it!

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