Soccer or Football

  • How can you lure an American spectator, spoiled by entertainment, into the stands? He is already perfectly capable of eating a hamburger with a hot dog at any of the hockey, basketball or baseball matches, where the action pours on him in a continuous stream. And then we need to make him ditch two hours of his life worrying about a crowd of sweaty men who fall from every touch and still have the insolent habit of leaving the field completely without their heads, without revealing a winner. It is a very difficult task even for seasoned professionals to turn any illiquid product into candy.

    Perhaps the main seed was planted about a quarter of a century ago, when the Americans won the right to host the World Cup. Then they had to create their own professional MLS league and start trying to see the beauty in this game. Of course, during the promotion of such a dubious media product, backlash was inevitable, and the first attempts to assimilate soccer in the dimensionless American football stadiums with overtime, shootouts and other branded overseas tricks were not very successful. But when did American marketing give up?

    In 1999, Don Garber, the former chief executive of the National Football League, came to power and took advantage of the MLS structure, where all clubs belong to the league. Teams were issued a directive to develop youth academies and encourage their pupils, construction of specialized stadiums began everywhere, which very soon began to make a profit, and the league itself tried to be as open as possible for those who really know a lot about football.

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