8 Workplace IT Issues Hurting Small Business

  • Small to medium size businesses deal with a variety of IT issues that can often drain internal resources. These Information Technology trouble spots, if left unaddressed, can cause inefficiency in the workplace and possibly contribute to losing existing customers and prevent you from gaining new ones.

    SmallIn other words, ignoring the problem is costing you money. Let’s take a look at 8 areas of IT where your business may be struggling:

    1. EMAIL: Is your email tied to a specific computer that could be lost? Are you using a gmail, yahoo or a roadrunner email address? (Some think that may be a little unprofessional.) Can you share calendars and have your email and calendar pushed directly to your phone? Modern email systems should make your communications and scheduling tasks easier.

    SOLUTION: Email is our thing. Let us migrate you to powerful, web-based email systems from Google. Google Apps for Work can unchain you from old fashioned email system and allow you to enjoy communicating on any device.

    1. BACKUP: Are your files being backed up and verified? Can you recover a lost file and can you recover from losing your office in a catastrophe? Having a comprehensive backup plan is significantly less expensive than losing data or paying to re-enter years of records.

    SOLUTION: We now have the expertise to design and implement a backup strategy to keep your data safe and available. Call us now, before you need us later.

    1. WINDOWS XP: Support for Windows XP ended last April, and the further we get from April, the more vulnerable these aging system are to hackers.

    SOLUTION: We can help with new computer installations, data transfers, email transfers and getting you up and running on supported operating systems. We can also train you to use Windows 8

    1. WORKING FROM HOME: Give yourself the luxury of working from home, like you were sitting in your office. Or let your employees do the same. Access your files and print to your company printers, just like you were there.

    SOLUTION: We have the expertise to help you build secure connections to your office so you can work from anywhere. Even if you’re HIPAA sensitive, we can build a secure telecommuting solution.

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    1. VIRUS AND MALWARE: Viruses and malware can slow the most powerful computers to a crawl, and getting rid of them is not easy. Keeping your computers running smoothly can save a lot of time.

    SOLUTION: We know how to eradicate Viruses, Root Kits, Malware and most any other malicious software that’s trying to steal your data, hijack your machine, or flood you with pop-ups.

    1. INTERNET AND NETWORKING: Staying connected is very important, and as companies grow, so should their networking infrastructure. There comes a point in a company’s growth when residential equipment just doesn’t fit.

    SOLUTION: Let our IT experts design your corporate network for speed and reliability, giving you functionality only the big companies used to have.

    1. BREAK/FIX: Did you break a computer? Is your printer not connected? Are your tablets not charging? Keeping your hardware working can be a battle, especially if it’s not your day job to fix this stuff.

    SOLUTION: We can rebuild computers, connect printers, rewire networking closets, and answer emergency calls to help get you back up and running.

    1. IT MANAGEMENT: Need a part time CIO? Having the know-how to grow your technology can be difficult when you’re spending your energy growing your company. Most people can’t afford a CIO, but having one on call to help with those nagging technology questions and directions would be nice.

    SOLUTION: Let our IT experts be your interim CIO. Let us give you the guidance and direction you need to make decision that will help your company grow. We can help as little or as much as you want.

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