Camping Gear, Like a Compass, Can Save You

  • If you’d like a break from your everyday grind, camping is a great choice to get back to basics. A few pieces of camping equipment are essential when travelling in the great outdoors. Though camping and being amongst nature and wildlife is exhilarating, certain precautions must be taken to ensure everyone’s safety. With tools such as a compass, a proper tent, and a buck knife, you can prepare for a pleasant experience.

    Compasses are invaluable tools when camping to inform you which direction you’re headed. Did you know that the Earth has a magnetic field? The compass’ magnetized pointer aligns itself with this field to determine cardinal points. This is a sturdy and infallible tool, considering it doesn’t rely on the use of batteries like other tools such as flashlights.

    Make sure to remember that the arrow on the compass always points north. If you’re also using a map, which is advised, put the compass edge on the map or on a drawn line to connect your current location with the place you want to travel.

    There are many different kinds of camping tents; choosing the correct one is based on several factors. How many people are you camping with? In what environment will you be camping? What will the weather be like? Is there a chance of rain, extreme wind, extreme heat, flooding, or snow?

    A good rule of thumb is to pick a tent that isn’t very heavy. Portability equals practicality. Choose a tent that has enough living space for you and your fellow campers, as well as enough room to store the rest of your equipment. You’ll also want a sturdy tent with strong poles and protection from environmental elements such as the wind and rain.

    One tool that you and your party will find useful is the buck knife. Buck knives are lock-blade knives: the blade of the knife itself folds into the handle. When opened, it locks into place, meaning that a release needs to be pressed for it to close. This is much safer considering the blade never has to be touched.

    When camping, you want you and your party to be safe from the elements. To best prepare, arm yourself with knowledge first, and then the required equipment. The right tent will keep you safe and sheltered. The right compass will keep you aligned and in touch with your location. The right buck knife will protect you and come in handy with food preparation, building things, and more.

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