How can I abruptly quit my job on good terms?

  • How can I abruptly quit my job on good terms?

  • Well, it can be pretty challenging, but I believe I have something for you here. Check out these 9 best ways to quit your job and leave gracefully, this page, and be armed with a detailed guide how to be on the top in that situation. I really appreciate all the info from that resource. Cheers

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    How can I abruptly quit my job on good terms?

    Quite honestly, whether your employer is mad at you or not falls largely on the employer and you have little control over it. A notice of resignation (at least 2 weeks) is basic courtesy, and in some jurisdictions is even a legal responsibility. However, many employers are surprisingly understanding when employees leave with no/little notice.

    You can try your best to help them understand why you have to leave abruptly, but by no means do you have to give them details (especially if they’re health-related). Do your best to communicate the reason you are leaving and express your gratitude for your time at the company. Don’t over-apologize, over-justify, or beg them for mercy; remain professional and know what you’re going to say before you meet your employer face-to-face. If they’re angry, don’t add fuel to the fire by becoming defensive or upset. Realize that what you are doing is stressful for the employer; they’ve invested time and resources in you, and now you are taking your skills and knowledge and leaving a gap they have no time to fill. It just is what it is.

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