Will only cast tab not the actual film + stutters audio/video when mirroring now :(

  • Basically as the title suggests!

    It used to just stream the films no problem, but now it will only cast the tab, therefore not allowing me to play the film.

    Also noticed a decrease in quality of the mirroring of other videos from normal webpages etc.

    Any ideas how to help?

    Thanks :)

  • Sounds like a problem with the chromecast extention, friend of mine had the same problem with youtube not streaming the vide through the app but rather just showing the whole tab. Note; showing the tab requires your computer to render the page/video or something like that - noticed that showing youtube through the tab use 20%~ cpu while loading it from the chromecast app (like it should, normally) hardly use any cpu (because it doesn't require to be rendered).

    You could try clearing cache/cookies/re-installing the chromecast extention - the usual jazz.
    Hope you get it fixed :)

  • There have been a lot of users reporting this and I have a feeling something really subtile is going wrong with either the cast extension or the communication between it and our app.

    I'd love to get some more info off you or do a desktop share to figure out what's going on here. Could you shoot me an email at jason@getvideostream.com?

  • @Lommelun Thanks for replying Lom! This is one of the weirder bugs we've seen :)

  • Just had this issue myself, I loaded the extension from the chrome store and it seemed to work that way. Not a fix, but at least a temporary work around until a fix is made.

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