Highest-rated welded wire reinforcement

  • Find the highest-rated welded wire reinforcement at Duke's Wire Mesh Supply Services Ltd. The materials most commonly utilized in the manufacture of welded mesh are cold-drawn mild steel wire rods with low carbon content. Long and cross wire spacing is used to create this welded mesh. Welded mesh can also be made using welded wire reinforcement, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, or Stainless Steel. At the intersection, the mesh is welded using electric resistance welding. This is accomplished by putting a large electric current through the wire junctions, together with a lot of mechanical pressure. A solid state-regulated electronic control effectively manages current amplitude and timing, while an automatic mechanism with greater dependability controls the spacing between the wires. Galvanized wires, Mild Steel Wires, and Stainless Steel Wires are among the several welded meshes available on the market, and they are produced in a wide range of sizes and specifications on the most up-to-date machinery with the highest quality and accuracy. Filter Screens, Poultry Cages, Gabion Boxes, Bins, Carriers, Window Grills, and other applications use welded wire reinforcement made of hot-dip galvanized wire.

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