Set a bookmark or jump back point on a running video

  • So I know this is obscure but a lot of times a movie will be playing as someone gets up for the bathroom, or I'll have to do something like cleanup something the kids spilled but leave it running and later want to rewind to when I got distracted.

    It would be awesome if there was a way that whenever we would usually have to hit stop here if we could tag the point you stopped really paying attention and later hit jump back to that favorite point.

    So like if I'm at 10:23 on a video and the kid spills something in the kitchen I push the button, walk over and leave it playing. When I come back the video is at 14:23. I would be able to hit the jump back to bookmark button and go back to 10:23.

    I know multiple bookmarks would make things messy so my proposal is just a 1 bookmark 1 jump back. So setting another erases the previous. Thanks for listening and considering!

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