Audio PCM problem since MacOS High Sierra

  • Hello, used to be able to stream 5.1 audio mkv files using PCM options on my mac. Since upgrading to High Sierra, videostream kept getting stuck at initial buffering phase, unless changing audio to stereo. Anyone else has this problem?

  • Actually I just realised, it's not High Sierra's problem. It was since the Chromecast 2 updated its firmware to 1.28.100555 . Any input from Videostream team?!

  • Hello, indeed I have the same problem using windows 10. I emailed the team about the problem, waiting for an answer.

  • @hitimahana This was my answer from the team on the same question on the 9th of November:
    We've recently been getting a large amount of users with the identical issue as yours, all with the Chromecast firmware version 1.28.100555, which is the newest firmware update for Google's Chromecast. Unfortunately Google doesn't provide a method to downgrade the firmware of your Chromecast. The firmware version we know to work is 1.27.96538.

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