Trick to find new Music in Apple Music for my kind of Music ?

  • Hi Guys!

    I was wondering if anyone of you can give me some new ideas to explore new artists who play this kind of music. So I like you listen to Progressive House and Tech House Kind of Music. And I have kind of liked and made a playlist of about 8-9 DJ Artist whose Music I listen to, And I have tried different permutations and combinations to listen to their music and that kind of music. Create station, Autopay etc… So whenever I like a particular music and artist on what he is playing, I make a create station from it so Apple Music Algorithm keeps throwing to me similar kind of music from the same or from similar artists.

    But looks like I have exhausted everything because now the Apple Music App Keeps giving me either songs that I have already heard or songs that I have even disliked. I don’t know Why is this happening? Apple Music Should stop sending me songs which I have disliked but it still keeps sending me the same songs again.

    I have tried the Autoplay feature of Apple Music but I feel when I play music through create station that matches more to my taste and what I am looking out then through Autoplay!

    And I have heard is it true that if I turn off the Listening History on the device Settings it helps the Algorithm to not to repeat the same Music and also find disliked songs ? And in turn also help suggest new songs ?

    But you Guys can suggest me how else do I find similar artists or similar music ?

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