• @Josep said in Localhost 5557: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED:
    Localhost 5557: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED con videostream

    SOLVING IT / Solucionando localhost 5557 error... en un mac**

    ¿Qué hacer?

    1. Desinstalar Google Chrome (recomendado con CleanMyMac App).

    2. Descargar Video Stream App desde:

    3. Instalar Google Chrome.

    1. Ejecutar desde la ventana de Google Chrome lo siguiente:

    4.1 Sincroniza to Google Chrome con la cuenta de Google con la cual tienes comprada la versión Premium de Video Stream ejecutando:

    1. Reinicia Google Chrome...

    2. Ejecuta desde la ventana de Google Chrome:

    3. Enciende Chromecast desde el televisor que quieres ver VideoStream.

    4. Enciende el móvil y abre la App Video Stream. En Settings aparea el ordenador donde está instalado google Chrome y enlázalo con el móvil [Add Computer] (tiene que estar conectados en la misma línea wifi y aparea el móvil aceptando el apareamientro desde el ordenador).

    5. Ejecuta Video Stream desde el ordenador y abre Google Chrome e introduce:

    1. En VideoStream deberías entrar en “Go Premium”, si te da error inténtalo de nuevo hasta que conecte… (2 o 3 intentos normalmente).
    1. Elige Choose Video y escoge la carpeta donde hay el vídeo que quieres ver en el TV. Conéctalo con Chromecast (enviar) desde el ordenador si no te lo ha hecho automáticamente…
    1. Desde el móvil abre la pestaña Scanning Vídeos y ejecuta (play) el fichero de vídeo que quieras visualizar en el TV.
    1. Funciona!

    Hasta pronto! Espero que te haya servido.


  • So I tried to download video stream but google said this site can't be reached
    localhost-5557 refused to respond

  • @tommy_L_smith I had the same issue on windows 10. I have just tried to run the installer in windows 7 compatibility mode, and now it is working. During the installation google chrome was not installed but maybe it is not the case.

  • @RobinStyle
    Thanks. I confirm that running the setup with compability mode solves the problem.

  • @Rene-Schmidt run the setup in windows 7 compability mode

  • @gelboy06 thanks, just had this error and your solution worked like a charm

  • @Rene-Schmidt
    As usual they promised a fantastic working app but at the end we just get a load of shit.
    This app sucks big time!!!

  • Hi,

    Win 1903, Chrome 76+.

    I solved the problem by using the tool VideostreamNetworkRepair.exe
    But, under Windows your network must first be set to Private !
    I didn't pay attention, mine was set to Public and the rules created by the tool in the firewall only applied to public network.
    I manually changed it to Private. Working flawlessly.

    Hope it helps !

  • it was solved as follow, uninstall videostream, now reinstal on compatibility mode set on windows 7, and that´s all folks!

  • @Rudy Thanks for your answer. I have applied it and it seems it works fine from now. Windows 10 working on an intel i5 2.90 Ghz.

    Keep fingers crossed until next time (last months I am a bit sceptical with Videostream).

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