What Is Academic Writing?

  • Definition of academic writing:
    This is similar to any other form of writing that communicates for you and allows the reader to understand your thoughts. It has a formal tone and style, but it should not be complicated and does not require the use of complex vocabulary and long sentences. Academic writing is completely relevant for academics or formal education. This can be an essay, a research paper, a term paper, an annotated bibliography, a book report, an abstract, a dissertation or a dissertation.
    Academic writing is nonfiction produced only for academic tasks. It requires the same writing procedure as other types of texts, but it has explicit conventions in terms of content, structure, and style. Furthermore, it should be formal and unbiased, clear and precise, focused and well-structured, well- sourced, correct and consistent.

    How to prepare Academic Writing Structure?
    The structure is very important and therefore, you must figure it out before writing any kind of writing. There are three main parts that make the structure of academic writing. The structure consists of introduction, body, and conclusion.

    It is rightly said that ‘‘well begun is half done’’ so the introduction part is your first interaction with the reader. The reader gets an impression of your knowledge, writing style and comprehension of the topic from the opening lines. Therefore, the introduction is vital and decisive. Introductions should be clear, precise and accurate. Introduction is just like a short summary of the topic in which the writer has to explain the topic in a few lines. These lines must be coherent and to the point. Remember, good academic writing requires effective planning, drafting and revision also.

    The body of any writing including academic is the most important and long part. In the body, you will have to discuss the topic thoroughly with substantial arguments and relevant data to support our argument. You will have to fully develop your argument. There must be one paragraph for one key idea. One paragraph must contain 10 to 12 sentences minimum to explain one idea supported by relevant examples and evidence from the body of scholarly work on your topic. When you want to discuss any other idea, always go for a new paragraph. It will help the reader or marker to understand each idea easily.

    This is the last part where you will have to sum up the whole discussion. Therefore, it also has a significant role and importance. If you have provided an excellent introduction, great body with solid arguments but fail to conclude your viewpoint vehemently then the whole effort will be useless. It’s therefore, essential to conclude the topic precisely, effectively, and vividly. Here, you will have to use a minimum of one sentence to restate the main premise. Use three to four sentences to summarize your key arguments. Use one or two sentence for warning, benefit, future statement.
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    Key Features of Academic Writing
    There are several unique features of academic writing but, first of all, you will have to know some key principles of writing first. The most important point is language structure, a clear connection of written context, and relevant writing design. Now, we’ll discuss these features one by one.

    The most important feature of this particular type of writing is formality. Always use a formal tone. Academic writing is relatively formal. So, avoid informal words and expressions.

    The language we speak is less complex but the language we write is relatively more complex. While writing we use longer words and formal vocabulary. Here is a perfect example of this. If you want to tell your friend that “cell phones have changed our social lives” in modern writing it would look like this “People had once been sociable, but they altered when cell phones came into their lives.”

    It is mandatory to provide all facts and figures precisely. There should not be any ambiguity and vagueness in your writing. Everything must be precise and with strong facts and figures. Precision, therefore, is a key feature of academic writing.

    Another key feature of writing is that you should emphasize on the information that you want to give and the argument you want to make, rather than using long sentences and vague and unclear ideas.

    While writing any form of academic paper, accuracy is also a very important feature. Words like “net profit”, “assets”, “cash” can be used equally but while using them in an academic paper one must be precise because they appear to have the same meaning apparently but they all have particular sense and meaning. Therefore, they must be used properly and accurately.

    Academic essay writing should be well planned. You must do your research first, gather relevant data, and evaluate the information you have gathered. Only then you will be able to present your ideas flawlessly. Planning is another vital feature of academic writing.
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    Important Types of Academic Writing
    It is very important for students to learn academic paper writing and its types. Academic essay writing teaches the students how to think accurately and critically, presenting intricate ideas in a well-structured, concise, and succinct format. There are four major and important types of Academic writing.

    i-Descriptive Academic Writing:
    The simplest type of academic essay writing is descriptive. The purpose of descriptive type of writing is to provide facts or information. A perfect example of descriptive academic writing would be a report of an experiment’s result or a summary of a study.

    ii-Analytical Academic Writing:
    This type of essay writing includes descriptive writing, but you will also have to re-organize the information and facts into categories, parts, groups, and types.

    iii-Persuasive Academic Writing:
    This type of paper writing has all the features of analytical writing but here you will have to add your own point of view.

    iv-Critical Academic Writing:
    Critical academic writing is just like persuasive writing but you will have to add at least one another individual point of view to strengthen your argument. Some examples of critical writing include a literature review that identifies the strength and weaknesses of existing research or a journal article.

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