best registered agents in Texas

  • You’ll get the street address in the state of Texas that you need, scan every document that they receive on your behalf and then forward them to you (they are the only registered agent in Texas on this list to do so with EVERY piece of mail received), and give you an online account in order to access every document as well. Read more to find best registered agents in Texas.

    They also notify you about upcoming compliance form filing deadlines and accept service of process and mail on behalf of your Texas LLC during business hours to keep you in good standing with the Texas Secretary of State.

    The requirements for a registered agent in Texas might seem simple on the surface, but in reality this role has some nuance involved. Rather than spending hours researching the rules and regulations yourself, we’ve created a guide to help you access this information easily.

    Knowing exactly what is required from a registered agent is essential to your business remaining in compliance with your state’s laws. Whether you take on this role yourself or outsource it to another person or business entity, the Texas registered agent must keep on top of things in order for your company to stay compliant.

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