BetterLegal reviews

  • specializes in LLC formations and promises a quick turnaround time. BetterLegal provides one streamlined option that includes the most commonly requested documents/services (no upselling or advertisements). BetterLegal was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Read our complete BetterLegal reviews.

    BetterLegal is known for up front pricing, fast turnaround time (2 business days), and user experience (fast and painless). According to, most users complete the order form in five to ten minutes. The company also prides itself on not upselling or offering ads for products that users don’t need.

    BetterLegal’s Info Center includes articles written by legal experts, as well as a helpful “ask a question” feature. Users can enter their question into a search window, and find answers or similar questions with responses from the Better Legal team. BetterLegal also offers a free LLC name search by state.

    BetterLegal does not provide a satisfaction guaranty. The Terms and Conditions state "All purchases through the Website are final and will not be refunded." We suspect the reason for this refund policy is due to their speed. When a customer submits an order, BetterLegal is working on the order and incurring filings fees within a few minutes.

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