Black mould on windows

  • The old wooden frames have been massively replaced with plastic ones. In addition to the long-awaited silence and the absence of drafts, the happy owners of the new systems faced a new problem. Unpleasant black spots appear on slopes, frames and window sills, which are not so easy to remove. Let's figure out where the mold on plastic windows came from, how to get rid of it forever.
    To successfully cope with an unpleasant phenomenon, you need to know what it is. Mold plaque is a fungus with an unusual structure. Under a microscope, it looks like a thin thread studded with balls. These are the spores through which the body reproduces. It grows on top, that is, it constantly stretches upward, scattering ripe spores.
    A variety of means are used to destroy mold colonies. : Chemicals and special devices.

  • As a rule, the symptoms do not appear immediately, therefore, the diagnosis of pathologies is difficult. The fungus on the windows tends to multiply, at the time of the weakening of the immune system, it aggravates the human condition. If the problem is not eliminated in time, the diseases can become chronic. The treatment will take more money and time than the timely elimination of the fungus.

  • You are right, black mold is dangerous to humans. After all, mold and mildew produce powerful plant poisons. As they multiply, they can cause various diseases. The most common ones are:
    respiratory diseases; allergic diseases; headaches; chronic fatigue; irritation of the skin and eyes; decreased concentration of attention; pathology of liver and kidney function; bone diseases.

  • Black mold on windows is a must to get rid of, as this not only spoils the appearance of the window, but also badly affects the health of people living in the house.
    To avoid the formation of mold around the window, it is important to follow preventive measures. First of all, you need to avoid high humidity in the room and ensure good ventilation.
    In addition, you need to monitor the state of the window opening and the structure itself, and timely carry out scheduled maintenance.

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