Minecraft servers List

  • Prison servers in Minecraft are not set in any of the massive natural biomes that are characteristic of the game. Instead, they take players into a map designed as a brick and mortar prison, where he/she must mine, gather resources, exchange them for money, and rank up to earn freedom. Some prison servers even allow players to buy a plot of land to build their base on it. Minecraft prison servers present an immersive underground mining experience for players.

    But mostly, prison servers constitute an underground adventure, featuring lots of exploration, mining, and even PvP battles. In this article, we rank some of the best Minecraft servers that have great prison game modes for users.MineSuperior has proven to be one of the most popular servers when it comes to prison gameplay. This Minecraft server is not solely dedicated to prison games, however, and does feature plenty of other game modes such as Factions, Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Towny, etc.

    This server is quite active, with a massive fan following. Additionally, MineSuperior gets regular updates and hosts weekly events and challenges to keep things fresh.If you’re looking for a hugely popular server with more game modes than you can play, then DestinyMC should definitely be one of the servers you need to check out.

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