How To Get Access To American Netflix on Smart TV?

  • American netflix on smart tv

    Netflix has become one of the most popular VOD platforms and there is a reason for that. After all, this platform has something for everyone. It features so many great movies and shows. Plus, it also has some animated movies for children. In addition, there are some films and series that are produced by Netflix itself and are exclusive to the platform. This is what makes my Sundays so special as I stream my favorite show on Netflix, thanks to my Contour TV which makes it super simple for me to access the platform.

    Now, it’s no new news that you can access American Netflix even if you are not residing in the United States. But the question is how can you do that? Well, this article is going to discuss just that. So, read on and discover the ways that will help you get American Netflix.

    #1. Use A VPN Router

    One of the easiest ways to gain access to U.S Netflix is through using a VPN router. There are many decent routers that can be configured seamlessly to work with any and all VPN services. So, when you connect your router with the Smart TV, assuming it has a pre-installed Netflix app, you will be able to enjoy American Netflix. For installing a VPN on the router, you can take the help of DD-WRT. Here is what you need to do:

    • Initiate the VPN connection on your router and make sure that it is connected to a U.S server.
    • List item DD-WRT, you can locate OpenVPN and PPTP settings under Services and then select VPN.
    • Now, connect your Smart TV to the router. However, make sure that you do so on the same band you used to connect to the VPN.
    • You can now launch the Netflix app on your Smart TV and then log in.
    • Once you have logged in successfully, you will be able to view the full U.S catalog of Netflix titles.

    #2. Android TV Devices Can Help

    If you own a smart TV that uses Amazon Fire TV or Android TV as its OS then you are lucky. This is because almost every VPN service has an Android app. Plus, many of them also offer Amazon Fire TV and Android TV apps. You can follow the steps below to start streaming American Netflix with your Android TV:

    • Head to Google Play Store and install the Netflix app.
    • list item now, get a reliable VPN app from the Google Play Store.
    • Launch the VPN app and then connect to a U.S server.
    • Hit the home button now. Your VPN app will keep running.
    • You can now select the Netflix app and launch it.
    • Sign in and enjoy the American version of Netflix.

    If you have an Amazon Fire then you can access the American Netflix with the help of these steps:

    • You will find a search box at the top right of the Fire TV screen. You have to type VPN there to search for supported providers.
    • Once you have selected the right app, install it.
    • You can now launch the app and then connect to the U.S server.
    • Once the connection has been established, hit the home button and open Netflix.
    • You can now sign in to enjoy American Netflix.

    #3. Configure Smart DNS on Smart TV to Enjoy American Netflix

    Not many people know this but Smart DNS service can help you get access to the American version of Netflix. This can be done by resolving your Smart TV’s DNS queries in the United States. Here is how you can get American Netflix by this method:

    • Hit Menu on your remote and head over to Network.
    • You can then select Network Status and then go to IP Settings before pressing DNS Settings.
    • Now, you have to hit Enter Manually. Before proceeding to the next step, it is advised that you note your current DNS settings just in case.
    • You can now enter the DNS address that is provided to you by your SmartDNS provider.
    • After you have done that, you can hit OK.
    • Restart your television and then launch the Netflix app.
    • You will now be able to enjoy American Netflix.


    Netflix is easily among the most popular streaming services that offer quality entertainment for everyone. This platform is available in over 190 countries across the globe. However, it doesn’t have the same catalog of content for all the countries.

    So, it is understandable when one feels the urge to gain access to the other versions of the service. If you have been waiting to get American Netflix then all you need to do is try one of the above-mentioned methods. This will unlock all the secret content that you will be able to enjoy without any worries.

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