Electronic Cigarettes Online NZ

  • Switching over to e-cigarettes in the coming year just might be the best New Year resolution you can take. If you’ve been contemplating quitting your smoking habit, but have failed miserably, but are still worried about your health, Electronic Cigarettes Online NZ can give you the satisfaction of cigarettes without all the damage that nicotine causes to your health. When you buy an electronic cigarette, you will also benefit from cost-savings as e-cigs are friendlier on the pocket than nicotine-based cigarettes. Nicotine is usually cent percent pure and the essence used in the juice is extracted using a special filtration process from tobacco plants. This way, nasty toxins are easily eliminated. This natural flavored tobacco juice ensures an excellent vaping experience. The strength of nicotine may vary from 6mg to 18mg. As far as vaping safety is considered, the topic is heatedly debated but has been found quite safe in studies conducted so far. It is better to avoid e juice and electronic cigarette available at a renowned Vape shop by people suffering from respiratory and heart troubles, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, etc. Choosing to smoke an e-cig is also a great way to do your bit for the environment as well as for the health of your loved ones, as there is no smoke or smell emanating from the e-cig.

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