10 Ways to Watch Movies Online for Free

  • If you like to watch movies and don’t want to shell out on expensive subscriptions or tickets, the internet has numerous options for you. There are a number of platforms where you can watch movies online for free, with their revenue coming from advertisements or other sources. To operate these services, you just need a steady internet connection, such as the one offered in Spectrum packages. However, not all platforms are built equally, and you need to be vigilant about which ones to use. Many free streaming services might be gateways for viruses and other malware on your computer. Furthermore, they may be illegal and might land you in trouble, depending on the rules in your area.

    Therefore, you need to choose some services which are safe for your computer, with due diligence. In addition, different platforms have different specialties, so pick your services according to your preferences. Whether you like horror, anime, or romantic comedies, you’ll be able to find a platform to watch your preferred movies free online. Here are a few places you can check for your movie requirements.

    1. Pluto TV
      This is a great free alternative to live TV and is home to a variety of movies. It is powered by advertising revenue and helps people disconnect from expensive cable TV connections without sacrificing live television shows, movies, and sports.

    2. YouTube
      While you may be able to find a number of authorized movies on YouTube, it is a particularly good choice for family and children’s television. It is especially good for children’s movies, with easy access to a massive library of short films and even a few feature-length movies.

    3. Tubi
      This is an excellent option for a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Tubi offers an extensive library of movies, and all you have to do is watch a few ads to get access to the movie you want. It is completely free, and runs on the ad revenue it gets.

    4. Crunchyroll
      If you’re an anime fan, you probably already know about Crunchyroll. It is home to a large number of the best anime shows and movies out there. It even has some of the most obscure movies you could ask for. Basically, it is the go-to place for anime movies and shows.

    5. Kanopy
      This platform is an excellent resource for documentaries and informative movies. You just need a university or public library card to access it, and you can watch informative content about a wide variety of topics. There are no advertisements involved, so it is quite an appealing option.

    6. Crackle
      Crackle is home to both original contents as well as movies from various sources. It has one of the most diverse libraries on this list, with everything from action and horror to comedy and romance included. You only need to bear with a few ads while watching your movies, but that’s a small price to pay compared to pricey subscriptions and cable TV.

    7. Vudu
      This platform is home to even some of the latest movies out there. It has an impressive library with a wide variety of movies from all interests. It is an ad-supported platform, and you only need to spend money if you want to buy movies and TV shows from it.

    8. Yidio
      Yidio is basically a content aggregator from a wide variety of sources. It takes movies from various streaming services and places them on one platform for you to access. Essentially, it links you to safe and legal viewing options for a large number of movies.

    9. IMDb TV
      Branching out from being a simple movie review and information database, IMDb now also offers free movie streaming. It is home to a wide variety of movies from all genres and is totally free to use. You only have to bear with a few ads while watching your preferred movies, and that’s about it. It also comes free with your Amazon Fire Stick, so if you have one, you can access all the content on IMDb TV easily.

    10. The Roku Channel
      The Roku Channel is another great alternative for cable TV, with live options as well. It is home to a large number of movies, all of which you can watch for free. It only charges you if you want to add premium channels like HBO Max or Starz. Otherwise, it is completely free, with ad-supported revenue.

    In conclusion, there are a number of legal ways you can use to watch movies online for free. These platforms are all easy to use, and if you have any geographical restrictions, you can use a VPN to access them.

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