• @nikkim It's looking like an update to the Google Cast Extension broke things - nothing in our code.
    If you've still got this issue, toss me an email so we can track down the source of the problem and either implement a fix, tell Google where the source of the issue is, or find a workaround.

  • @grahamkennery If you look at the second screenshot I posted where it says ' cast this tab to' when videostream is working there is usually a long string of letters and I have managed to get it to work on it once today, but then it went back to the above. I am having no issues with casting tabs from my iPhone, or indeed from my macbook, or pc laptop. Not sure what else I can tell you in an email but I'll be in touch ta

    EDIT : so what's happening is that Videostream has stopped working with Chromecast as Chromecast is working fine by itself, is that about right?

  • @nikkim I have a temp work around, as I was having the same issue last night and this seemed to work. Click on this link to open up the chromestore and tell videostream to open up in there. This is just a temp work around until the devs find a solution to why the chromecast extension is acting up.

  • We have a breakthrough!

    Thanks to @nikkim - I've managed to reproduce this bug. Here's what I've found:

    I'm able to reproduce it on Windows 7 with Avast Anti-virus.
    The problem ONLY OCCURS when I launch Videostream using the Chrome App Launcher.

    If I don't have Avast installed, no problems from the App Launcher or anywhere else. With Avast - no dice.

    Help me out, Videostreamers! What are your operating systems and Anti-virus suites? Going go to Google with this one.

  • @grahamkennery Win 7 Ult with F-Secure security. everything runs smooth just high cpu on big 720p hd movies.

  • Also if you open it from the apps tab in chrome and not the apps launcher in windows, does it work every time??

  • @eyesofnova You are kind of a genius - every case I have found, this works.

    The Chrome App Launcher seems to be weird on some computers with strange Anti-virus combos.

    You can also launch Videostream from your Start Menu on your computer - just search for Videostream from the start menu!

    I've passed it off to Google and still digging for solutions on the tab casting. Anybody else with this specific issue, send me your OS and Antivirus information. Must squash bug!

  • I use videostream on a linux system and it also stoped working.
    chromecast works ok but plays no video with videostream app , just the videostream logo appears on tv.
    Non off the above solutions work either.
    Please help.

  • @jackren What distribution of Linux do you use? Also, are you getting any popups in Videostream when you try watching something?

  • @eyesofnova That works too thank you!

  • @grahamkennery I have an IT background and am used to troubleshooting weird problems lol.

  • I use Solydk (debian testing) and videostream was working perfect before.
    I do get a popup with select chromecast, but when I select my chomecast , no video plays on tv.videostream.png

  • update, fixed it.
    aplied new firewall rule;
    iptables -I INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 32768:61000 -j ACCEPT
    wasn't nessesary before but videostream runs ok now.

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