• Hey All!

    Now that we have full time staff answering problems over email, this forum is not actively looked at by us! We're still actively developing Videostream (brand new version is in beta right now) but this community isn't where to go for help. We have a great support person who will answer your emails and work with you one on one to solve pesky problems :)


  • Also, don't worry, we're still putting in a massive dev effort on VS! This forum was great when we were a couple people in a living room and we were hoping all our great videostreamers could help each other, but as we've grown to a larger team of 5 with dedicated support, it's was easier for them to work on problems one by one, as this community never really grew into what we were hoping it would.

    That said, our big secret project for the past while has been a brand new, ground-up version of Videostream! It gives us more power that ever before to build cool new features on top of, and gives us more power to avoid buffering by transcoding videos faster for the Chromecast to read! If you want to try that out, sign up at ;)

  • How to change the email used to subscribe Premium VS????????

  • @mechaileh

    seriously. I paid full price for a "lifetime" membership and do not get the premium benefits I paid for (i.e. playlist function)

    Their full time support is spotty at best and they have left me hanging for too long a time, despite proving I paid with the email address I am logged under in Chrome.

    Have you had your Premium access restored?

    I'm pissed!

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