start stop every five minutes or so

  • Same boat here. Brand new computer with i7 processor and 12 GB ram. Using Avast free. Tried to find an instruction guide on how to add this supposed Chrome exclusion, but the link above is from 3 years ago and that version of Avast is long gone.

  • @matt said in start stop every five minutes or so:

    Again, these forums are no longer supported so please contact via email in future :)

    The 5 minute issues (crashes and buffering) are caused by AVG and Avast on the new windows update and how they interact with chrome. There's nothing we can do at this point :( but to fix the problem you can disable your antivirus or put an exception in for chrome, and then reboot chrome with chrome://restart!

    OK Matt I put path C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application as exception in Avast and the problems about buffering solve with this workaround. Thx!

  • The five minutes buffer has been completely fixed in Videostream native! Check it out here:

  • @jonathan-sun

    This has not been fixed for me. Running windows 10, attempting to stream to a Sony Bravia, worked fine up until recently... now every 5 minutes odd.

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